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About Us

Evonade was founded in 2020 with the aim of being a niche consultancy specialising in Programme and Project Management, Master Data Management, Data Governance and Governance Risk and Compliance. We pride ourselves on being a team of highly skilled professionals, all with over 20 years of professional experience across a wide range of industries. These years of experience enable us to offer our clients in-depth knowledge, proven methodologies and unparalleled expertise.

Our Mission

At evonade, we firmly believe that professional project and data management, as well as efficient risk management, are key to a company's success. Our goal is to provide you with customised solutions that are specifically tailored to your requirements. We understand the individual challenges and needs of medium-sized companies and focus on building long-term partnerships based on trust to ensure your sustainable success.

Our strengths:

What sets us apart from other management consultancies is our clear specialisation. By focusing on certain core areas, we can offer our clients real added value. With evonade, you have a partner at your side who understands the most complex challenges and helps you implement efficient and effective solutions.

Trust and the long term:

At evonade, our focus is not only on short-term projects. We strive for long-term partnerships with our clients to continuously accompany them on their path to success. It is important to us that our clients see us as a trusted advisor who fully understands their goals and needs and is always at their side.

SME business orientation:

Our company has deliberately chosen medium-sized companies as its primary target group. We understand the specific requirements and limited resources that these businesses face. Our solutions are therefore not only effective, but also make business sense to support medium-sized companies in their pursuit of excellence.

Customer-centric approach:

At evonade, we know that every client is unique. That's why we don't develop off-the-shelf solutions, but work closely with our clients to create individually tailored strategies. Our goal is to create sustainable and long-term added value that unleashes our clients' full potential.

We invite you to get to know us and discover the world of evonade. Let's work together to take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals!

Why choose evonade?

Experience and expertise:

Our consultants have extensive expertise and have worked successfully on a wide range of projects.

Individual support:

Every company is unique, which is why we offer customised solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Trusting partnership:

We value long-term cooperation and stand by you as a reliable partner.

Sustainable success:

Our consulting approaches aim to achieve long-term success for your business and support your growth.

Contact us today and let us work together to take your business to the next level. evonade is here to help and advise you!

evonade - your reliable partner for sustainable success.