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Digital transformations in medium-sized companies

Digital transformation in SMEs is primarily about the strategic and sensible use of technologies to ensure growth and competitiveness. Digital Transformation is a crucial factor for the continued success of companies in today's business world, as numerous new opportunities arise with the implementation and expansion of digital technologies and processes.

As evonade, we work with our customers to develop customized solutions for their individual needs. In the following, we outline what matters when it comes to Digital Transformation in medium-sized businesses, especially in the areas of Process Automation, ERP Transformation, EWS (Enterprise-wide Systems) and Digital Reporting.

Our team of highly qualified experts is ready to accompany mid-sized companies on this journey, whether it is process automation, ERP transformation, EWS implementation or building effective digital reporting.

As a specialised consultancy, we offer added value to medium-sized companies that large consultancies often cannot provide to the same extent

How we can help you...

Process Automation

As efficient processes are the backbone of every company, especially medium-sized companies should assess their business processes and

  • check for weak points
  • identify automation potentials.

Evonade works with you to develop customized automation solutions and helps you implement them to increase efficiency, free up human resources for value-added tasks, and reduce costs.

For example, workflow tools and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be considered to automate or optimize recurring tasks and processes.

​ERP Transformation / EWS (Enterprise-wide Systems)

Modernizing or implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or EWS systems is a complex undertaking. It therefore requires careful planning and implementation to ensure that the set goals can be achieved.

Evonade supports you here in

  • identifying affected business processes and standardizing them,
  • selecting the right solution,
  • defining target KPIs,
  • ensuring that the solution meets the business requirements,
  • seamless implementation,
  • managing the necessary transformation processes.

Thus, evonade, together with you, can increase your efficiency through standardized and optimized processes and free up resources for important tasks.

​Digital Reporting

Sound decisions require meaningful data and information.

By using digital reporting tools that deliver high-quality reports, processes and business data can be monitored and analyzed much more efficiently. For example, implementing business intelligence (BI) solutions can provide the ability to perform real-time analysis.

Evonade supports you also here in the

  • selection of the right solution,
  • definition of key figures and reports,
  • seamless implementation,

so that you can better monitor your business performance, identify opportunities and minimize risks.

Contact us and let's identify together your opportunities through Digital Transformation.